Transforming The Look & Feel Of Your Office Using Glazed Partitioning

Planning an office refurbishment is a major step for any business; identifying the project’s goals and establishing a budget is essential for any successful workplace refit. Suppose you’re thinking of refreshing your office space. In that case, I’d like to give you some valuable information about tremendous improvement that is becoming increasingly popular in creating a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing office environment. I’m referring to the glass office partition, a flexible system of glazed walls that can effectively separate the available space while allowing natural light to flow through the workplace.

Why Glass Partitions?

Office partitions are constructed from many different materials to suit every budget, but why should you choose glass? You can transform any office space using glazed partitions, allowing healthy natural light to spread through the workplace. Now fully understood after scientific study, good levels of natural light are connected to health and well-being for everyone working in that type of environment. We’ll look at other further benefits later in the article.

The Various Types of Glazed Partition

In the design process, there is a glass partitioning system to suit both any budget and how you want the office to perform; the available options are –

  • Single Glazed Partition – a low-cost choice, it uses a single piece of glass to separate different areas in the same room and still has good acoustic properties.
  • Double Glazed Partition – this used two layers of glass for increased performance; you could also have internal blinds or switchable screens installed between the two layers.
  • Switchable glass partitioning – this is a high-end product which uses double glazing with a mixture of chemicals inside the cavity; at the touch of a button, they react together and cloud the glass giving privacy when required.
  • Banded glass uses a more complex aluminium frame to create a modern look, a popular solution.
  • Curved Glass – The ultimate option in glazed partitions, used to create circular stylish meeting areas, is a premium product with all the acoustic properties of flat glass.
  • Fire Rated Partitions – this is specially treated glass that can be used to protect certain office areas, such as storerooms or fire evacuation routes.

All glass partitions must-have additions called manifestations; these are stickers attached to prevent people from walking into them; they can be any design, and it’s an opportunity to further promote your company or brand logo.

Benefits Of Using Glazed Partitions

You can achieve several welcome benefits for you and your staff by successfully completing an office refurbishment using glass partitions. Both the mental and physical health of your employees improves in the following ways –

  • Staff are happy and therefore more productive.
  • Healthier staff are off sick less than others.
  • Employees are more focused and more engaged.
  • A light and airy office can attract new staff when interviewing.
  • Your team functions more effectively in this environment.

By improving your office space and incorporating glass partitions, you enable your staff to achieve new performance levels while responsibly looking after their well-being. There are many great reasons why glass partitions are a superb choice for your project; take a look at your local glass partitioning specialist today!

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