Tips for Filing an Uncontested Divorce in Virginia 

Divorce is painful but many times, it becomes necessary. If the spouses are not able to live together in peace and love, they should separate. However, it is also true that divorce must be the last resort of the spouses. They must try their level best to make the marriage work because divorce is not a smooth or easy process.

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How to File an Uncontested Divorce in Virginia

Here is a step-by-step guide to filing an uncontested divorce in Virginia:

Start with finding the right legal team- the foremost step is to get in contact with the best legal team to represent you in the case. When you associate with an experienced and practicing legal attorney, they will go through the case very smoothly. Their analysis of the issue will be more precise.

Determine the eligibility for the uncontested divorce in Virginia- in Virginia, the couples are permitted to file the divorce proceedings entirely online. There are, however, a few requirements.

  • Both the spouses must sign the papers of divorce and must get the matrimonial separation agreement prepared. It must include neither of the spouses challenges the key elements like the child custody, visitation, assets, and division of property, etc.
  • The couple may show that they have been staying separately for more than 6 months if there are no children begotten by the marriage and for one year if they have children.
  • Either of the parties must prove their residence in Virginia for the past 6 months.


Divorce is a painful process. It will drain you on many factors. It should be the last resort of all couples.

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