The Top Features of a VW Transporter Vehicle

Volkswagen is a brand that offers comfort, function, reliability, and quality. Hundreds of thousands of drivers choose Volkswagen because it provides a smooth ride and cutting-edge technology. When looking for a transport vehicle, VW is the top of the line. Whether you are transporting goods, food, or people, you will find a spacious VW transport vehicle that supports all needs.

Leather Seats

It is very difficult to clean upholstery. When food, liquid materials, or other items spill onto the upholstery, it will absorb the contents. You can use various cleaning products, but much of it will be left in the cushions. A strong odour can begin to develop and even mould. Leather seats are the best option for a VW transporter vehicle because it is much easier to clean in comparison to soft material. You can simply wipe spills and use leather-safe cleaning products. Leather seats are much more stain-resistant. They are also less likely to develop odours. They provide a lush look and feel.


A VW Transporter ABT kit works with various VW vehicles like a VW Caravelle. The ABT kits are designed and produced in Germany. They are affordable and will elongate the life of your car. An ABT kit enhances splitters, quad exhausts, and alloys. It often includes a leather interior which, as discussed previously, is a must-have when upgrading any transport vehicle.

Cruise Control

Drivers spend a lot of time on the road. When they are driving down the highway for such long periods, their legs can begin to cramp. Drivers may notice their lower backs begin to ache when they have sat in the same position. Cruise control is a basic but needed feature on any VW transporter vehicle.

Lane Assist

Older vehicles may have an alert system installed to notify drivers when they begin to swerve into another lane. Lane assist takes this alert one step further. The newest lane assist technology will gently pull the vehicle back into the lane and centre it if the car begins to cross into another lane without an indicator. It is a wonderful safety feature that prevents thousands of car accidents across the world. If you own a transportation-oriented business, accident prevention is one of the main goals. It helps keep insurance premiums low and employees safe. The best VW transporter vehicles will include lane assist.

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