The Specifics Of Coliving Compared To The Rental, Colocation, And Student Residences

Coliving is a mature form of the concepts of colocation or student residences. It combines all their benefits by adding flexibility, services, and a community.

 The Advantages Of Coliving

In a co-living space, the required guarantees are reduced and depend on the duration of the stay.

  • Coliving attracts a wider population than just students, which allows us to mix various profiles and sometimes come across colors of different nationalities and generations. What easily expand its network.
  • Individual engagement is much more flexible, thanks to a flexible untied lease with an imposed duration.
  • No firm and collective lease, the coliver’s lease are individual.
  • A whole set of services is organized to create a community and bring it together every day.

Why Choose Coliving

If, after all, you have read, you are still not convinced, then here are some advantages that will ultimately decide you.

Your Profile

  • You have just landed in a new city, and you are looking to meet people.
  • You would like to offer yourself a place, but finding accommodation is a hassle & co. !
  • You have just started a new job where you are called upon to move often.
  • You are a teleworker, artist, creative, or independent, and you are looking for accommodation suitable for your work.
  • You are free as the air, but you do not like loneliness.
  • You are a young entrepreneur or startup, and you need an office corner closest to your home.

Take a good look at this. Here’s what coliving can do for you:

  • No more mom to do your laundry, no need to put the rope around your neck with contracts and subscriptions of all kinds. Coliving is a whole range of services at your disposal, and when you leave, you have nothing to cancel.

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