Some Of The Different Ways You Can Consume CBD Oil

Research is still ongoing, but initial findings are positive for CBD oil and its effects on your health. People are using CBD oil to help treat various medical conditions, including anxiety, depression, pain relief, acne, and they also use it for its neuroprotective qualities. There are many ways to safely consume CBD oil that can help treat or complement the treatment you are receiving for your medical condition, and some of the best methods are listed below.

Vaping CBD Oil

Vaping is popular worldwide, and it is also an excellent way to take CBD oil if you are going to take it for medicinal purposes. If you already vape, you do not need to purchase a new device, and all you need to do is buy some CBD e-liquid, and you are good to go. Put the CBD oil in the tank of your vaping device, and you can puff away until your heart is content.

CBD Tinctures

One of the best ways to consume CBD oil is through a tincture, which you apply using a dropper underneath your tongue. The capillaries absorb the CBD under your tongue, and it goes directly to your bloodstream much quicker than when using other methods. The CBD oil is available in various strengths, and you can also get ones in different flavours, which makes it more pleasant to taste. When you place the drops under your tongue you will need to keep it there without swallowing for a few minutes to ensure you maximise the benefit from the CBD oil.

CBD Edibles

You can also eat CBD oil, and many food products contain it that taste fantastic. There is a wide variety of foods available, such as cookies, brownies, gummies, and there are also various flavours you can try. The CBD oil is not as effective when you take it this way as much of it is wasted when your gut processes the food. However, it is still an effective way to consume CBD oil, and it just means you may have to have a few extra ones to get the dose you require.

Topical Creams & Sprays

There are also topical creams and sprays that you can use, which is an excellent way to relieve pain. You can apply the cream or spray directly to the areas you need it, and your skin will absorb the CBD oil, giving you relief from pain that you need. You can get these sprays and creams in different strengths of CBD, and when it starts to wear off, you can apply it again.


You can also purchase CBD oil capsules, and these are easy to take and in set doses. You can buy the strength of CBD oil that you need and follow the instructions to take them, which will come in the packaging. As with eating CBD edibles, as the tablet gets processed by your gut, it is not the most effective way of consuming CBD oil, but ultimately it all comes down to your personal preferences.

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