How you can create and edit a PDF file

If you have any experience using PDF documents, then you know that this file format is meant primarily for viewing documents. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use edit PDF documents after you create them. There are several situations when you may be required to edit a PDF file when it is sent to you or after you have created one.

In fact, there are times when you will find a PDF document that allows you to input certain pieces of information. For instance, you can input your name, contact information, and address among other into the document. What happens here is that such PDF documents are created using a special feature referred to as form fields. This feature allows users to type new information into the document and also to save the changes after they have been made.

When you are creating a PDF document, you can include as many form fields as you want. However, you should know that not all browsers support this feature. As such, you may be forced to download the PDF document first before you can use form field to add new information into it.

There are several other methods you can use to edit a PDF document and some are not as straightforward as others. Let us take a look how you can create a PDF document below.

Creating PDF files on Microsoft Windows 10 and Mac computer

PDF files can be created through several different methods. However, the method you use to create a PDF file will in large part depend on the device you are using. For instance, if your computer is installed with Windows 10 Operating System, then you can easily create a PDF document by going to the Print dialog box. From the dialog box, you can then select PDF from the list of printers that comes up at the top. This way, you can easily create a PDF document of a variety of files, including webpages, emails, and documents.

If you are using a mac PC, you can also create a PDF file easily through the print dialog box menu. The menu easily allows you to save a file as a PDF file without any hassle.

Creating a PDF file using a program

The print dialog box is a relatively new feature that is not available on Windows 8 and earlier versions of the operating system. Thus, you are presented with fewer options. The only way to create a PDF document in these operating systems is by using software that allows you to export PDF. Good examples of such programs are Google Chrome and Microsoft Office. If you choose to use Microsoft Office, you should open the program and then go to the “save” or “save as” command and then pick PDF as the file extension when you are saving your file. The file should be saved as a PDF, which you can open using any PDF viewer on any device.

Creating a PDF file using a PDF converter

Another way you can use to create a PDF file is by using a PDF converter. There are several converters that allow you to easily convert PDF to word or word to PDF.

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