Helping You Maintain Your Employee Car Park & Keep It In Excellent Condition

When you run a successful and large business and have a massive employee car park, you must ensure you maintain the space correctly and ensure it is in excellent condition. A poorly maintained car park can lead to damaged vehicles and accidents, which you will want to avoid. With some regular maintenance, you can keep your car park in excellent condition and reduce the chances of accidents significantly. Below are some tips to help you maintain your car park, keep it in complete working order, and reduce the chances of accidents.

Maintain The Car Park Surface

Visitors and employees will use the car park of your business, and you will want to ensure that there are no potholes on its surface which can damage vehicles if left unchecked. You will want to fix any potholes in your car park once a year, preferably when nobody is in the building, so the car park is empty. You can have the potholes filled and sealed so the surface is durable again and as smooth as possible. When potholes start forming in your car park, and it is a while before maintenance, fill the holes with gravel and sand to help reduce their impact on vehicles until you can fix them correctly.

Repaint Your Lines & Road Markings

With exposure to the elements, the car park lines, and road markings will start to fade, and you will want to look at repainting them about every five years. They can help remove the previous marking on the car park’s surface and do the line marking to maximise the number of vehicles you can have in your car park. They can post other markings such as visitor parking, disabled parking, and double yellow lines if needed. Once all the lines and markings on your car park are clearly visible, it will help reduce the chance of accidents as everyone can see and understand them.

Consider Access Control

You can also consider installing access control to your company car park, so you can ensure only people who are meant to be at your location can park there, except visitors. You can have someone at a security gate letting people in and out, or have an automated system and give your employees key cards. Preventing unauthorised parking in your car park will help reduce wear and tear on the road surface and stop expensive repair costs.

Keep It Free Of Litter

You will also want to ensure that your car park is free from litter, and you have plenty of bins throughout the car park for people to use. You will also need to have your team members visually inspect the car park and pick up any litter they find once a day to keep it looking pristine.

Install CCTV In Your Car Park

You will also want to install CCTV in your car park, which can help your security team monitor it and ensure nothing bad is going on. It can also help reduce quarrelling when cars have accidents in the car park, as you can see who was at fault when your review the camera footage.

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