Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing – Is it Really a Pyramid?

Ask any individual who isn’t associated with Network Marketing and I ensure that by far most of the time, they will say that ALL MLMs are illicit fraudulent business models as well as tricks. One such organization that I’ve seen being bantered on websites and discussions everywhere throughout the Internet is an organization by the name of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, otherwise called FHTM). So is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing simply one more pyramid that you ought to run the other route from or what’s the genuine article?

What Exactly Is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing?

FHTM is a promoting organization that professes to improve wellbeing and increment riches. It is an International organization that has wholesalers and clients in the US, Canada and the UK. It was established in January 2001 by Network Marketing industry pioneer, Paul Orberson and is situated in Lexington, KY.

What Does FHTM Offer In Terms of Viable Products and Services?

Fraudulent business models, in direct connection to MLM, are viewed as such when they don’t offer practical items and administrations and additionally when the salary gaining potential depends SOLELY on the enlistment of others. Fortune, in this way, can’t be viewed as a fraudulent business model/trick as indicated by that definition in light of the fact that, while it’s individuals do get paid for building a group of different business developers, their pay structure likewise depends vigorously on individuals turning out to be retail clients of what they offer.

Things being what they are, what items DOES Fortune offer?

FHTM has joined forces with significant organizations to offer types of assistance that individuals utilize each and every day, for example, Wireless Phone Service (through significant organizations, not “inconceivable” ones), Home Security, Satellite TV, Identity Theft Protection, and substantially more. So dependent on that reality, by and by, they can’t be viewed as a trick or fraudulent business model!

Could You Really Make Money In FHTM…And If So, How?

I’ve found in my own encounters with advertising that many individuals join organizations and afterward on the off chance that they don’t bring in cash, they discount them as tricks. Tragically the “absence of (fiscal) achievement situation” is a very regular one in this industry all in all.

Be that as it may, one thing I can say about FHTM is that their remuneration plan is nothing to sniffle at! There is a decent wad of cash to be made by those ready to accomplish the work and set forth the push to make it to ‘Chief’ and past.

Anyway Fortune, as most MLM organizations, trains its individuals to make a rundown of individuals they know (in addition to other things) and figure out who might be most appropriate as a colleague. This is alright for a few, however the issues that may result from this methodology for a great many people are:

1. Except if you are a remarkable experienced Network Marketer, it might be difficult for you to try and figure out who is a decent up-and-comer and who isn’t. The vast majority think/feel/trust that everybody they experience is a potential colleague when MLM isn’t for everybody!

2. Except if you’re an individual of incredible impact with an exceptionally huge friend network, family and partners, you will end up before long coming up short on individuals to converse with and show your arrangement to.

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