Common FAQs About Shipping a Non-Running Classic Car

Shipping an inoperable classic car across the country is possible. However, you will need a shipping company with skilled manpower and proper equipment to handle inoperable car shipment. Loading and unloading a non-running car is a complex process.

Ship a Car, Inc. offers transportation to every kind of vehicle and heavy-haul equipment across the US. SAC has a solid track record of delivering customers valuable vehicles to its destination. Shipping a non-running classic car using their door-to-door services is a great option. They have a certified carrier network spread across 50 states, so issue about terminal picks up and drop-offs.

FAQs about transporting a non-operable classic car

How will the inoperable classic car get loaded onto the carrier?

There are two options –

  1. If a car can roll, a tow truck & winch is used.
  2. If it is inoperable, a roll-back tow truck or a forklift will be needed.

Which is better for the non-operable classic car – open carrier or enclosed carter?

The open car carriers are cheaper and good for customers on a budget. However, the classic car gets exposed to weather elements during transit. If your non-running classic car needs a color job or already has a few scratches then choose an open car carrier.

If your vehicle’s bodywork is in tip-top condition and is too valuable despite being inoperable then an enclosed car trailer is a good alternative. Enclosed trailers carry few vehicles and paying more for the protection your non-running yet valuable classic car will obtain is worth.

What is the cost of shipping an inoperable classic car?

On average, the cost of shipping exotic cars is $1.05 per mile but if it is operable the rates can increase.

Other factors that will influence the transport cost of a vehicle are –

  • Shipping distance – Shipping a car from one coast to another is costly than transporting a vehicle from Los Angeles to Boston.
  • Weight & size – Large exotic cars need space, so the total vehicles that a specific carrier can carry reduce. Therefore, the size and weight influence the transportation cost.
  • Time of the year – The summer months are a peak time for car shipping. In this season, be prepared to pay high rates in comparison to winter month, when demand is lowest.
  • Delivery time – If the delivery dates of your classic car matter, then expect to pay more.
  • Enclosed or open carrier – Enclosed are costly but offer protection to your car, while open carriers are an economical option.
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery – For convenience, you need to pay extra for last-mile service.

Is there a need for insurance coverage even if the classic car is inoperable?

The vehicle shipping company has liability insurance for protection against damage during transit. However, this will not compensate for the complete classic car value in case of potential destruction or damage. It is good to invest in proper insurance coverage for your classic car, as it is possibly worth some money.

Car transport takes planning, especially when your classic car is inoperable. Book an auto shipper in advance to tap better rates and carrier preferences. Prep your car thoroughly for transportation.

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